Special Regional Issue of IRRODL on Africa

I hope that readers will not be overwhelmed with IRRODL postings in this blog, as this is a record year for publication. We will likely have 6 issues, and 10(4) that went “to press” this week is our 4th regional special issue.

This special issue presents 9 peer reviewed research articles- each focusing on distance education in Africa. Thanks to Special Issue editors Rashid Aderinoye, Richard Siaciwena, Clayton R Wright for help with this issue. The issue also contains 3 book reviews and a technical report.
Enjoy and Learn!


2 thoughts on “Special Regional Issue of IRRODL on Africa

  1. Hi Terry. As a South African physiotherapy educator interested in the use of technology to innovate in education, I’m very excited to see this special issue. The profile of African research in the developed world needs to be raised, and issues like this are a great way to start. Thank you for highlighting our contributions.

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