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One Small Step for Athabasca

• June 15, 2011

I participated in an interesting meeting of the Athabasca University Academic Council (our senate equivalent) this morning and the most contentious item concerned our option for ‘challenge for credit” alternative, that is offered in most of our undergraduate programs. By way of background, Athabasca undergrad programs are offered as continuous enrollment and mostly self study […]

Quality of Open Educational Resources

• March 15, 2011

Tony Bates opened the┬ápreverbial┬ácan of worms, when he dared to talk about the good, bad and ugly of OER’s in a recent post. We’ve found trying to orchestrate debates on this topic, that anyone willing to say anything against OERs must either be employed by a commercial publisher or someone who hates both Motherhood and […]

Even with Information glut, we need Open Education Resources

• November 16, 2008

What Brian Lamb seems to confuse in this entry about the Open Education Resources, universities and information scarcity argument is that information (or more accurately a surfeit of data) available on the net does not equate to a surplus of quality learning content. Quality learning content charts a path through complex issues, ideas and problems […]