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Unitarian Chalice Wheel

• February 17, 2015

In this post I “show off” the carving I had commissioned from I Ketut Weda, a local woodcarver in Ubud, Bali.  Unitarians are proud to both recognize and acknowledge the many spiritual paths followed by other Unitarians and by other citizens of this planet. The carving has it’s centre a flaming chalice. The chalice is the most […]

Buddhism and Thailand

• January 28, 2013

This month, I enrolled in a 4 week course on Buddhism led by a member of our Unitarian Congregation here in Edmonton. I’ve always been interested in Eastern religions and the opportunity of this course coupled with my first opportunity to visit South East Asia, proved to be a great learning opportunity. On the first […]

Joseph Priestly – The Man Who Invented Air and Unitarianism

• May 27, 2012

Here is a link to the text of the sermon I did at the Westwood Unitarian Fellowship on April 15 2012. The title comes from the great book by Steve Johnson, The Invention of Air. Priestly was an 18th century scientist, minister and radical political critic. He won great fame as the inventor of carbonated water and the […]

• April 15, 2012

The following the text I presented at Westwood Unitarian Congregation this Sunday. It is not scholarly referenced, but I hope does justice to Steven Johnson, whose book the Invention of Air inspired the talk, and Joseph Priestly who lived it! Terry —————————————————————————— Joseph Priestly: The Man who Invented Air and Unitarianism By Terry Anderson Westwood […]

Unitarians and Religion on the Net

• March 11, 2012

I was pleased to hear Rev Brian Kiely talk this morning at Westwood Unitarian Congregation, where I am a long term member. Brian spoke about the effect, impact and opportunity presented by the Net for Unitarianism. His talk was inspired by a blog post from Peter Morales the current President of the US Unitarian Universalist Association. […]