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my trip to Dalarne, Sweden

• February 20, 2012

I was pleased to get an invite from the University of Dalarne to do a keynote at their Next Generation Learning conference tomorrow. Besides not having been to Central Sweden, this is Parish from which my Great-grandparents immigrated from in the 1870’s to come first to Minnesota and then to Canada. I couldn’t help thinking […]

Cartagenia de Indias, Columbia

• October 30, 2011

I was honoured to be asked to do a keynote at the 2nd Congresso Mundial de E-Learning sponsored by the Universidad National Aberta y a Distance (Columbia’s Open University). The conference was held in one of the oldest and perhaps most well maintained  historic ports of the Spanish Main. The Congresso started 90 minutes late, […]

The revoIution will be on Wi-Fi

• October 10, 2011

Susan and I are being tourists for the weekend in Philadelphia, after I did a keynote and couple of sessions at Montgomery County Community College on Friday. Of course we had to see the Liberty Bell, watch the self congratulatory video (not implying that  the American Revolution was big deal) at Independence Hall and are leaving to climb the […]

Off My Chair

• August 31, 2011

I’m celebrating today, in my last day sitting on  a Canada Research Chair (virtually of course!). I doubt if chairless tomorrow will be much different than today, but it is the passing of a personal academic era. I came to Athabasca University 10 years ago as the Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Distance Education. The […]

What I did this summer (cont.)

• August 19, 2011

A final post, recounting the story of summer ’11 with a brief account of the voyage of the sailboat Barakette. We (friends Scott, Don and I) bare-boated from Vancouver Island, Nanimo Yachts for one week heading up the Sunshine Coast. We have become accustomed to much smaller boats – (or bigger boats and someone else in […]

What I did (am doing) this summer

• August 3, 2011

I remember with unpleasant memories the task of having to write the “What I did this summer” essay in September every year of grade school. I thought I would pre-empt the pressure by getting it out of the way in early August! I mostly wanted to share the scene (below) that I ‘ve been staring […]

Passing of Gary Boyd – a great scholar and friend

• April 7, 2011

I was saddened today to learn of the passing of my friend Gary Boyd, Professor at Concordia University in  Montreal. Gary exemplified scholarship in education technology and came to personalize what I think are the necessary, but far too uncommon characteristics of  scholarship and application of new technologies and pedagogy to teaching and learning. I […]

Estonia and University of Tallinn

• April 5, 2011

My friend Rory McGreal and I are very fortunate to have been invited to by the Estonian E-Learning Development Centre (oh to have a funded, national e-learning group and strategy!!) to present at the 8th annual Estonian E-learning conference in Tartu starting tomorrow.  Yesterday morning we spent the day gawking at the wonderful ‘old town’ here in […]

On leisure and the academic lifestyle

• January 7, 2011

Maybe I’m just a work-aholic, but I had trouble engaging in total relaxation over the holidays. I did manage to read a few novels, do some skiing, visiting with friends and relatives and even slept in for an extra hour most days  (not quite as easy a task for us old farts, as in younger […]

Reflections on Blogging

• September 9, 2010

Glen Groulx’s question about edu-blogging are inspiring a little Labour Day reflection on my own blogging. Glenn is a prolific and quite exception scholar of educational blogging and it is pleasure to respond to his questions, in small response of the many valuable posts he has distributed on educational blogging. I started my first blog […]