The Virtual Canuck has moved – note to subscribers!!!!

This post is to announce that I have moved the Virtual Canuck blog that currently resides on Edublogs, to it’s own site at

I’m making this move – NOT because of dissatisfaction with the services of Jame Farmer and the good folks at EduBlogs, but rather because I’m interested in creating a full fledged web site, rather than a blog alone. To do this I wanted to add WordPress plugins and in the process increase my own WordPress skills.

WordPress seems to be fighting spam by NOT allowing bulk import of email address of subscribers. This means that the 256 subcribers to this list will have to re-subscribe at by completing the “subscribe form” on the front page.

My apologies for this inconvenience.  I really do hope you take the time to re-subscribe.  In other words DO IT NOW!!!!

Thanks for 10 years of support from

Terry Anderson


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