5 thoughts on “Online End of Class Party

  1. Kudos to you Terry. A great attempt at “socializing” over the internet.
    Last night my 11 year old daughter installed her Google talk, with visual, and she is now holding conference calls with three of her friends in Toronto ( we live in Edmonton at present). They were discussing Christmas yesterday and what each would like to receive at xmas – textual and verbal conversation were going on as well as the visual antics.

  2. Great virtual Christmas party idea – sounds like more fun than some of the live ones I’ve experienced! I love having end of course parties when I am teaching but never thought I could still have one in a virtual environment. How did the students like it?

    Back to “work”…

  3. ‘Twas a great virtual party, Terry. I was recalling it to a friend who told me about Elfster, “your online Secret Santa.” It does one better on the traditional Secret Santa exchange by letting you find out your person’s gift preferences while keeping your anonymity (i.e., no more scented candles!). Perhaps another example of how face-to-face can benefit from a little virtual?

  4. I enjoyed reading about the Christmas Party and the possibilities that are available with synchronous tools.It is something that will sustain the learning through Community Building.
    Seasons Greetings.

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